Monday, November 1, 2010

Mail Bomb Plot

The recent "mail bomb" plot that was uncovered this past week brings to the forefront an issue most businesses, houses of worship and high net worth individuals don't think much about. That issue is security as it relates to their mail/package handling process.

Let's be really frank...most businesses simply take in their daily mail and deliveries, open them, distribute them accordingly and move on to other tasks. And that's exactly the type of target a terrorist (domestic or international) might prey upon. It's what's called a soft target.

On the other hand, hard targets are those who put into place measures that are designed to mitigate issues arising from a mail or package bomb, or bio-weapon. Terrorists generally bypass hard target and move on to a softer target to exploit.

Here are some things to look for to help identify potential problems with your incoming mail and/or packages:

(1) Lack of a return address
(2) Poorly written and/or misspelled words
(3) Unsolicited letters/packages from foreign countries
(4) Presence of excessive postage
(5) Presence of wiring
(6) Presence of oil stains
(7) Presence of unusual odors

If you suspect a letter or package of containing an explosive or bio-weapon, immediately leave the item where it is...evacuate the immediate area...notify the police.

If your company or entity is in need of a review of your current mail security policies and procedures, or if you need to establish such a plan, please contact Doug Runyon at (800) 270-8343 ext. 711 or by email at: