Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Campaign Security (revisited)

The recent flap surrounding the "arrest" of a journalist in Alaska by security guards working for Senate Republican candidate Joe Miller has created quite a stir among both security professionals and political campaign directors.

As is often the case when something untoward happens, it would seem that many campaigns are reacting by going to the opposite extreme. Meaning they are doing without security completely.

This can be a very dangerous over-reaction. Cooler heads should prevail and these political organizations should simply do a better job vetting those they contract with for protective services.

Here are some things that should be considered when considering utilizing a private protective security program:

(1) Have threat, vulnerability and risk assessments performed by a professional who is licensed (where applicable), insured, trained and experienced in matters of dignitary and/or executive protection.

(2) Have a professional (same criteria as above) build a custom protection program based on the finding from the assessments.

(3) Contract with a company which is appropriately licensed and insured, and has verifiable experience in providing such services.

(4) Verify everything (licensing, insurance, specialized training, experience, etc..)

If you are a political candidate or represent one in some official capacity, Dignitary Protection Group LLC is available to confidentially discuss your needs and concerns.

For more information contact Doug Runyon at (800) 270-8342 ext. 711, or by email at: drunyon@dignitaryprotectiongroup.com